Gaining a Part, Keaping a Part


We started of at the Spire, talking to Saxon the Scolar and from him we learned of some place an artifact migth be, unshure abut where to go we left, to Storm along. To get some more rumors from the inn, and a few more to the crew.
Along the way we found some people we tried recruting, great fun that Ligthning from the clear sky, scaring the shith out of them, Vera fund among others a bard who we got the mison to gain a particular music instrument for. Later that evening, Serani (Tommy) and Vera were going to the house where the instrument was to be stored, We entered true a window, atacked a plesant, who called the guard, and then the funn began, we ended up killing the plesant and the guard, going to Court, getting judged. Escaping, the Execution, with spells and water breathing. Swimed our way to our ship.
From there we went to some where that it was a ligth below the water, we swimed down fund huge fish tying to eat uss, and a way down into the underwater buildings, down there we found demon thrals, and a old person that had been there a long time, he knew sebastian. And charged the demon living down there, we killed the axe one, and gained the Artefact Casting.



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