Going to harbor finding a compainion, losing two. Gaining another two compainions, DEATH


Ve vent back to Storm along found a figther in fulplate on a raft. Serani (Tommy) invited him to the crew. We walked to find a weapon seller. We bougth some javelins, and then returned to the ship, where we fund the city wach Serani (Tommy) tried itimidating the guards, witch failed, she got killed and then they arested the figther. Vera was traped togheter with the figther, she played the situation fund a mystic lay that helped her out as the figther was executed. On the travle futher Vera left to the wailing isles, where she met another child ariving on a raft, not invited to the crew but joined any way, during a sea battle a shady person apered on the ship, showing his usefulnes he joined to and then we headed to Haringsons Dock, it was no persons there, after some time we found many all controlled by a deamon. We fortefied a house, and the nexst day we ventured down into the sewers where the deamon were suposingly to be, down there we found it and vent true a long battle, before we died…



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