Start of the Journey

We Were Three Travelers, going to Storm-Along the Cleric, Sorcerer, and a Scout. First we did in Storm-Along was to go to an inn, “The Dying Hag” and from there we went to the dock to find work. In the docks wee mett a captain. who recruited us to his crew. When we arived at the dock next day he presented himselfe as “Fenrik Hellslayer” who we had heard to honor the “Code” the nigth before.

We used a cuple of weeks to the “Shatered Isles” on the isle we had a rewarding meeting with some medium dinosaurs, after some days walking we noticed someone stealing our rations, or rather a small child, we followed its tracks, to a small society who were controlled by an mad mage. After an hard battle we managed to bring him down. Gaining new friends; from there we went to some old ruins, that we was told could hold what we searched for. There we met a ghost of a pianist, longing for his long dead wife. We found her body and brought back her necklace in reward we got the silver handle we was looking for.

When we returned to The One-eyed Witch and Fenrick Hellslayer we got kicked of soon after delivering the silver handle. Where we was required, to get those we had saved to build a boat from wreckage.



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