Fenrik "Dead Eye" Hellslayer

This harden sailor have been in many difficult situations, he have always pulled trough though.




Fenrik “Dead Eye” Hellslayer, age 48; warrior, sailor, navigator and the captain of The One-eyed Witch.

Fenrik Hellslayer was born as many on the mainlands in the west. When he came of age his father took him aboard his ship “The One-eyed Witch”. At the age of 28 his father died in a battle at sea, being his father son and liked among the crew, he was appointed captain shortly after.

He also got his eye damage in the same battle as the one his father were slain at, and therefor goes by the name “Dead Eye” as one of his eyes have a damage pupil.

he have been sailing the oceans for 20 years, his favorite dock is the Storm-along port which stands about 2 weeks of travel from The Mainlands.

A man of travel he seeks adventures and welcome anyone that seeks it aboard his ship (as long as they honor The Code).

His First Mate and second in command is William Crim.

Fenrik "Dead Eye" Hellslayer

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