Alive again, and back to the afterlife.

We managed after some work to escape from the “dream” world. We woke up on a stranded beach, started preparing to create, a raft, but we was lucky and found a ship that took us to storm reach, from there we got hired on a bounty hunting ship to earn some money, on the trip, we got unlucky, vera got tossed into the water, and petrified. and Serani got petrified on the deck.

Death or is it?

Mid day, woken by a maid, in a large town we never have left. But something is wrong? What?
It got a lawfull evil captain, and all joined the city guard,
a lazy mayor
Some redhooded monks
a frendly bard

Going to harbor finding a compainion, losing two. Gaining another two compainions, DEATH

Ve vent back to Storm along found a figther in fulplate on a raft. Serani (Tommy) invited him to the crew. We walked to find a weapon seller. We bougth some javelins, and then returned to the ship, where we fund the city wach Serani (Tommy) tried itimidating the guards, witch failed, she got killed and then they arested the figther. Vera was traped togheter with the figther, she played the situation fund a mystic lay that helped her out as the figther was executed. On the travle futher Vera left to the wailing isles, where she met another child ariving on a raft, not invited to the crew but joined any way, during a sea battle a shady person apered on the ship, showing his usefulnes he joined to and then we headed to Haringsons Dock, it was no persons there, after some time we found many all controlled by a deamon. We fortefied a house, and the nexst day we ventured down into the sewers where the deamon were suposingly to be, down there we found it and vent true a long battle, before we died…

Gaining a Part, Keaping a Part

We started of at the Spire, talking to Saxon the Scolar and from him we learned of some place an artifact migth be, unshure abut where to go we left, to Storm along. To get some more rumors from the inn, and a few more to the crew.
Along the way we found some people we tried recruting, great fun that Ligthning from the clear sky, scaring the shith out of them, Vera fund among others a bard who we got the mison to gain a particular music instrument for. Later that evening, Serani (Tommy) and Vera were going to the house where the instrument was to be stored, We entered true a window, atacked a plesant, who called the guard, and then the funn began, we ended up killing the plesant and the guard, going to Court, getting judged. Escaping, the Execution, with spells and water breathing. Swimed our way to our ship.
From there we went to some where that it was a ligth below the water, we swimed down fund huge fish tying to eat uss, and a way down into the underwater buildings, down there we found demon thrals, and a old person that had been there a long time, he knew sebastian. And charged the demon living down there, we killed the axe one, and gained the Artefact Casting.

Getting a Ship, Loosing another part.

In Storm-along we got advised to go to the Wailing Isles, to gain us a better ship, on the docks we looked for some work, Serani (Tommy) found work as medic, while Vera found a noble who was frighten that his children was dead,

we walked out in the forest/marsh where it was dead silence, almost as if everything was hiding from something, as we walked we finally fund a wisp, not shure if it were something to be trusted we followed it, after a long walk we came to some houses where two persons was barricading themselves inn, we talked some time and they attacked the wisp; who attacked back, we were unsure abut who were right but the humans, seamed to be the sons of the noble so we decided to help them.

now we were to trap the wisp in the well, one taunted it, two grapeled it and trowed it in, while the last one hit it in the head. then we walked back to the beach where the noble was in gratitude, and asked what we wanted in reward, our request was a ship, which he provided a month later, in the meantime Serani (Tommy) worked as an healer,

The we sailed to the spire, with our new ship: “The Sea Hag” at the spire we found noting of interest, so we sailed to Wincent Isle, covered in mist and holding demons, there we found a mad-man in a lighthouse, who asked us to check out another lighthouse on the other side of the isle, there Vera picked up a unharmed note book among what looked like old ruins, when we returned to the mad-man Serani (Tommy) suggested for him to join our crew, as he apparently had some knowledge of the isle. he desired after some consideration to join, he romstrated around some inside the lighthouse before he joined us with only a handful of items.

He suggested two points that we could check out, one was a cave, and another an arbandoned mine, and some castle he was not shure were was.

we decided the cave first, as it was what seamed most logical for artefact piece to be, inside there we fund some writing in Abyssal “I am death” or that was ateast the essence, as well was a sword placed on a pedestal there. on the way to the pedsal she trigered atrap fiering some crosbow bolt at her, she tempretary ignored that and picked up the sword, that instantly said “you are evil” (or something along those lines) she only answered “a stormy nigth made me that” then the sword asked for being caryed by the child girl Vera. Serani (Tommy) who dident know what to use a sword for left it ower, and then it presented itselfe as sebastian as it started to rain.

short after sebastian said something alng the line “Its is coming hold your breath and you migth live” we hold our breath as a creture draging its axe, around fumbling in the dark after the sword, not finding it or seing any of us, standing in the open he turned around, and walked out.

when we returned to the ship where we got lured out of the mad-man that the castle moved, unsertain abut where to look for it we left for the arbandoned mine, whitch we fund mindless workers mining. they proved harmless as long as we did not intefere. and all the way to the back we fund an Spider looking demon, and a dead body, we desided to get the exsplosives we had fund and blow up the spider the nexst day, plan went wrong and the spider atacked us, the exsplotion proved useless, and we ended up casting spells for all we was worth until sebastian said “use me” as Serani (Tommy) pased out Vera started atacking with the sword, and finaly she killed the demon and as she hit the head of the demon she absorbed its soul for “later use” whatever that means.

injured we rested in the town outside the mine, and on the morning when we were to return to the ship we saw the castle, on the boat we tended to our wounds before going inland.

short before we got to the castle we found a group of mindless guards, that we had to kill to get past. at the castle we found the demon from the cave barly eskaping, and in panic the figther that we recruted from the crew ran and tumbeled ower an balkony before he finaly remembered to not breath. futher down we found a loung of the size of a human, Serani (Tommy) borowed sebastian and punctured the lung and cut it down. as well had we to kill mindles minions and some dark portal.

futher in we found the king, and both Vera and sebastian reacted toward him with anger, so only one option was clear, atack; in the figth we barely survirveled, on the way out we met our old friend; Fenrik “Dead Eye” Hellslayer.

again he tock the artefact piece, and left. atleast he did not leave us stranded this time,

and then we went back to the spire; posibily to talk to Saxon the Scolar. abut our found

Start of the Journey

We Were Three Travelers, going to Storm-Along the Cleric, Sorcerer, and a Scout. First we did in Storm-Along was to go to an inn, “The Dying Hag” and from there we went to the dock to find work. In the docks wee mett a captain. who recruited us to his crew. When we arived at the dock next day he presented himselfe as “Fenrik Hellslayer” who we had heard to honor the “Code” the nigth before.

We used a cuple of weeks to the “Shatered Isles” on the isle we had a rewarding meeting with some medium dinosaurs, after some days walking we noticed someone stealing our rations, or rather a small child, we followed its tracks, to a small society who were controlled by an mad mage. After an hard battle we managed to bring him down. Gaining new friends; from there we went to some old ruins, that we was told could hold what we searched for. There we met a ghost of a pianist, longing for his long dead wife. We found her body and brought back her necklace in reward we got the silver handle we was looking for.

When we returned to The One-eyed Witch and Fenrick Hellslayer we got kicked of soon after delivering the silver handle. Where we was required, to get those we had saved to build a boat from wreckage.


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