A Twist In Your Tale, A Life After Death

You are shaken awake by a maid. “Wake up, it’s already past noon.”

The maid hurry out of the room after laying forth some cloths.
You have the feeling that you have forgotten something.

Outside the window you hear lively voices and you see the streets buzzing with life. As always.

Places to go:

Your Residens – Dran’s Villa

Social district:
Hester’s Den – Tavern
Vola’s Drinking Hole – Tavern
Black Tears – Tavern
Sora’s Capes and Hats – Clothing
The Ansilonts Tailoring – Fancy new clothing?
Thenon’s Trinkets – Trinket shop

Upper Quarters:
The Libary
The Church (The Peacekeeper)
The Theater
Qwizzels Food & Drinks – Diner
Silver Coat – Clothing

Town Square:
Guards Barracks
Town Hall

A Twist In Your Tale, A Life After Death

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