Sores and Ormagoden

Myth --

In the beginning there was nothing but darkness, shadows so thick they could swallow a sun. The God of life, Sores, was prepared to change that.

Sores traveled to the pit and from it he retrieved an orb, he put it to his lips and whispered: “Wake up, Ormagoden, beast of fire”. Inside the orb a small flame grew, the shadows tried to douse it, but Sores kept them away. The flame grew for days, and it had become so bright that the shadows were driven away from it. On the last day an epic roar where heard within the orb as it shattered and the light filled the void and drove the shadows away into hiding, to fight another day. Sores told Ormagoden to light the world with his flame, forever keeping the darkness at bay.

“Awaken Ormagoden, spread your light across this world. Forever.”

Sores and Ormagoden

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