The Wars

The Blight

The first war: “The Blight”, as told by historians was against an formidable enemy, The Dragons.

After 20 years of war, the dragons were thinned out in so few numbers they chose to retreat to the “Top of The World”. And thus, all Dragons hate those that destroyed their supreme civilization; Humans, Elves and Dwarfs.

The tales of “The Blight” are epic stories about heroism and defeating the impossible, even today bards sings song about the event that took place in the 20 year long struggle.

The Uprising

The second war: “The Uprising” as told by historians were the events that took place 280 years after the first war, this was however more of a revolution than an actual war.

It was the weak standing against the strong, the lower classes of the Human and Dwarven kin were fed up with being the foundation of the upper-classes. Living in run down houses and treated worse than criminals, being payed so little for their brown and taxed beyond their income.

A woman going by the name “Iris, Defender of the people” rallied peasants, farmers and the poor in what would end up as a 1 year campaign, in the end the people were able to bring down the last of the city leaders. In the after match of the revolution dwarfs and men were selected to take the nobles place and make a more fair and even class system. However it didn’t go long before the use of classes had been reestablish.

Few writings was salvaged from “The Uprising” and thus we do not know who “Iris” was or even what she might have looked like.

The Great War

The third war as depicted by historians is the most notable in history. This war shook the very foundations of The Mainlands.

Starting as a discussion over borders would turn out to be an all out war, dwarfs, humans and elf’s fought over what land they saw as their own. Since the borders had been more or less wage and not actually been put in place before the war, the war lasted 78 years and claimed over 350,890,000 lives estimated. In the end the three factions agreed on how to divide the land among themselves. Hundreds of cites was destroyed and still to this day the scars are carved into the land, a reminder of what almost destroyed us all.

The Wars

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