Wincent Isle Kingdom

A grey island can be seen in the distance, it is covered in a grey fog. The landscape is mostly dark green grass and pine trees.

66.16: Some ruins of a lighthouse lies spreaded on the rocks. It seems to have been out of commission for quite some time. Poke around

63.21: A working lighthouse radiate a bright yellow beam out into the ocean, considering the light is on, maybe someone is home? Knock, Knock!

66.17: An old mining complex, an old cart stands abounded in front of the mine, it is filled with ore. Inspect

63.19: You see a dark cave infront of you, it have a rough stonecut starircase leading downwards. Proceed

67.19: In the distance a faint yellow light can be seen. A castle appears out of the fog where a dim lamp hangs.

The castle have a silence surrounding it. The gates are closed, but about 60f a window can be seen open. The Castle

Wincent Isle Kingdom

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