Serani (Tommy)

A short reddish haired sun-brown female, in her early twenties. often dressed in silk cloth.


Serani are shorter than the average, looking younger than her age, often dressed in red colored silk, but when leaving for dangers she equip an leather armor, over her silk cloths. She has a necklace with an talisman with engravings showing storm clouds with sparkling lightnings. Her eyes are deep blue. And her hair is reddish. However when she shows her back it are scars from whips there.


At the age of three Serani and her parents got captured by some pirates, and they were used as slaves for some years. One night around her eighth birthday an storm brew up, more horrible than many she had seen, actually it destroyed the ship, and she was the only one to survive drifting on some planks, for a few days before finding harbor at storm along, where she started her training to learn how to control the magnificent storms, they might have killed her parents, and all she knew. But it saved her, and for hear that was more than enough to make the great storms an great event, and to be revered.

She Lived most of her life seeking worship to the great storms, during her travel she got connected to Vera, and looked at her as if she was her little sister. in the end she died twice, first she died by a demon, entered some sort of dream world, after some work (where she turned to worship the law from neutral) we decided to work on a ship to earn some money there she died her second time, getting turned into stone. and ether dumped out at sea or sold to someone connecting stone statues.

Serani (Tommy)

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