Serani Farstrike (Tommy) (dead)

a average heigthed girl with green skinn and redish hair, she look confident, and self shure abut what she does.


Serani seam to be of average strength but somewhat better mobility and toughness. as well as nice figure, and face for a 14 year old girl. she often lean toward a white quarterstaf with a blue gem on top, she also have 3 rods in her belt, she are dressed in a blue silk dress that allows movement, and charming


She Came from a noble family her learning her abilities did kill one of the servants, her older brother brought her onto his ship, to protect her, and as defence if any would attack them, and on the ship, she was the only member that were ignorant of the duties, well when they wasn’t under attack that was, she also aided the ships speed at times. basicly she did what she wanted when she wanted to the first mate’s great frustration.

however recent events have made changes to her. after the trip to the mountains she found a guild of mages that recrouted her, altrue she disliked authorityes she found their goal important. and she do now seek to purge the deamons from this world. hovever she are in a constant strugle with herselfe about Boram Darksun as he have started turning into a deamon, shuld she let him live or is he beound redemtion?

Serani Farstrike (Tommy) (dead)

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